About Us

We produce genuine metal flakes at our shop in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania using a unique process. They are made to be highly polished, uniform in size and shape and free of airborne dust. Because they are made from genuine metal, they add a high quality metallic shine to epoxy coatings, nail art, resin art, and a variety of other decorative applications. They are non tarnishing and we have long term, multi year samples at our shop that look as good as the day we poured them.

Due to their density, they sink in epoxy resin resulting in a three dimensional effect. We do not use any dyes, plastics, or pigments to achieve these colors. Our flakes are comprised entirely of genuine metals. 

Plastic glitters and mica pigments create metallic effects artificially. The products we produce add genuine metallic luster that can't be achieved with traditional epoxy additives. And unlike metal powders, our metal flakes are already pre polished so there is no post finishing to achieve a shiny surface.