Brass metallics
Brass metallics
Brass metallics
Brass metallics

Brass metallics

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This listing is for 40 grams of genuine brass metal flakes. The flakes are approximately 300-400 microns (about 1/3mm) in diameter. We make a few different alloys of brass flakes. These flakes have a low zinc content so the color is a shade of beige.

We recommend these flakes to be used for encapsulation purposes. We have had the best visual effects in epoxy resin. You can achieve different looks with varying degrees of flake added to your resin, but for full coverage we recommend around 15% by weight of the total mix. For example if your mix is 100 grams, the addition would be 15 grams flake/85 grams resin. Directions will be included in the package.

At a 15% addition rate, this 40 gram jar can cover approximately two square feet when mixed with epoxy resin.

Product features
-Easily incorporated into epoxy resin
-Unmatched metallic luster
-Free of fine dust which produces a brilliant, clean look.

Epoxy inlay
Bar top coating
Table coating
Resin jewelry
Resin art
Resin crafts
Resin trays
Epoxy floor accent strips

Some of the resins we have had good results with:
Pro marine
Glaze coat
East Coast resin
Art Resin